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Before hiring a car we will ask you to acknowledge that you have read, understood and accept our terms and condition. They are designed to be as user friendly as possible and you will also find that they answer allot of questions (read T&C’s).


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Where are you located?

We are perfectly located north of Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales National Park near the village of Gargrave. Obviously we don’t publish our address online for security reasons but once you have made a booking you will receive full address details.


Are the pictures on your website the actual cars which you have available to hire?



How long is a day’s hire?

Customers opting for our “Collect and Return Same Day” option can collect their car from 9.00am and return it by 6.00pm and other times by prior arrangement.


Customer opting for a full day(s) hire can decide whether they would like to have either an AM or PM collect and return, whatever suits you. We are open for collection and return of vehicles between 9.00am and and 4.00pm to 6.00pm.


Can I leave my car with you whilst I hire one of your cars?

Certainly. We are located in a nice quiet rural location, but you must accept that if you leave your car with us it is at your own risk.


Can you deliver one of your cars to me?

For special occasions we can provide an additional service whereby we deliver the car to you and collect it again at the end of the hire. Please enquire for details.


Can I hire your cars for use at a wedding?

That’s a great idea and it’s no problem. However, just be aware that whilst we certainly don’t mind finding some confetti in the cars, all we would ask is that the cars are not decorated (ribbons, crazy foam or the like) in any way because of the risk of damage.





If I want to make a booking when do I pay?

We take the cost of the hire at the time of booking, that way your chosen vehicle is then reserved for you.


What is the damage deposit?

This is something that all car hire companies do as part of your rental agreement to cover the insurance excess in the event of damage to the vehicle. The deposit is taken by means of credit card pre-authorisation on the day that you hire the car. If you return the vehicle full of fuel and safe and sound at the end of the hire period, the deposit will be refunded in full there and then. If the vehicle is returned to us with less fuel than at the beginning of the hire, a charge will be made and this will be deducted from the security deposit. If the vehicle is returned and is found to be damaged in any way, the security deposit will be forfeit until the cost of damage repairs has been quantified. If the damage repairs amount to less than the security deposit, the balance will be returned to you. If they are more, your deposit is forfeit (see T&C’s).


What documentation will I need to bring with me when I arrive to hire a car?

On Monday 8 June 2015 the DVLA introduced a new online system for checking driving licences when hiring a car.  Before the hire begins, you will need to obtain from the DVLA a code which you then give us so that we can carry out a driver licence check.  Further information is available here.  Please also bring with you the photo-card part of your driving licence together with two forms of identification. We will then need to take copies of these documents and also take the security deposit by credit card. If for any reason we cannot complete this process the car cannot go out on hire, so PLEASE remember to bring the necessary documentation with you.


What happens if the weather is bad, can I cancel?

If only we could guarantee wall to wall sunshine on the day of hire, but with the good old British weather it’s the luck of the draw. Inclement weather is not therefore an acceptable reason for cancellation. In exceptional circumstances when there is what we judge to be extreme weather conditions which we consider would make driving a classic car unsafe, we will contact you and offer you either (it would be your choice) alternative dates or cancellation with a full refund.





How do the gift vouchers work?

The gift vouchers are valid for a year. You decide which car you would like the recipient to hire together with the length of hire and then pay the appropriate cost of hire. We then provide you with a gift voucher which the recipient can then use to book the car (subject to availability) at a time of his or her choosing. Simple .


I want to give a gift voucher but I would like the recipient to be able to have their choice of car. Is that possible?

Yes. We can produce a gift voucher with the option to select a variety of our cars up to a given value so that recipient can then hire a car of his or her choosing.





What insurance cover do you provide and who is insured to drive the car?

Our rates include fully comprehensive insurance for one driver. Additional drivers can be added at £20.00 per driver per day (subject to our insurer’s age and driving licence restrictions).


Is there an age limit?

Yes, our insurers will only cover drivers between the ages of 25 and 75.


What about driving licence requirements?

You must have held a full UK driving licence for at least five years. If you have more than two speeding convictions within the last three years or you have been convicted of a more serious motoring offence or you have a claims history within the last five years, you must notify us when initially discussing a booking so that we can refer this to our insurers.


I am a visitor from overseas, will your insurance cover me?

Usually yes. Our insurers accept European Union and US drivers’ licences or others with International Driving Permits. The same rules also apply regarding endorsements. The best thing to do is to let us know in good time by providing us with you driving licence details and we will get confirmation from our insurers.


Can I use my own insurance?

Unfortunately no. By using our own insurers there is no question of whether the cars are covered or not and it just removes that important uncertainty for us.





Will you show me how the controls work?

Definitely, yes. We’ll make sure that you have as much time as you need to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the controls of the car and we also run through important practical things like how the hood works.


Each car also comes with a binder which includes a summary of the important features of the car just in case you want a reminder at any time. It doesn’t stop there! If you would like an accompanied tutorial just to make sure you are completely happy with how the controls work and how the car drives that is no problem at all. We would rather make absolutely certain that you are completely happy with the operation of the car before you set off to enjoy your day.


Where can I go in the car?

Anywhere within reason (see terms and conditions). Remember that each period of hire has a generous mileage limit. It’s not the end of the world if you exceed the mileage limit either as any excess mileage is simply charged on a pence per mile basis.


Can you help with a suggested route?

A BIG yes to that one. We have what we believe are some of the best driving routes in the country, right on our doorstep. Our routes are well researched and if you want you can combine driving our cars on some fantastic roads with some interesting places to see and wonderful places to stop for a cup of tea or a nice lunch. It can be a really memorable day out.


What happens if I break down?

We like to think that our cars are in really tip top condition. That’s a fact. However, some of our cars are over forty years old. They were engineered differently to modern cars and occasionally something can go wrong.


In the event of a breakdown, all of our cars are covered by roadside assistance and so that side of things is covered. Also, please remember that we are usually at the end of the phone anyway, and we think it’s fair to say that we know each car backwards. The golden rule is, if you think something is wrong or going wrong – STOP. Don’t carry on and hope it might get better (see out T&C’s).


One more thing that’s important to note, the RAC do not include tyre changing, re-filling if you run out of fuel or draining the fuel tank if you put diesel in one of our petrol cars. If you call them out in any of these eventualities this will be at your expense and they will charge you for the privilege!





What fuel do they use?

All our cars run on standard unleaded petrol.


Do they have seat belts?

Yes, all of our cars have standard front seat belts. The Triumph Stag also has lap belts for two rear seat passengers as well.


Can children be carried in the cars?

Yes. Our two seater cars are strictly two seaters only and so a child can be taken as a front seat passenger only. Our Triumph Stag is a four seater and two children can sit comfortably in the back but remember that the back seats have lap belts only.


Can I take a pet in the car?

Sorry, but no.


When I collect the car, how much fuel will it have and what happens when I hand the car back?

We ask all our customers to return our cars as full of fuel as possible. As part of the info pack contained in each car, you’ll find a map with petrol stations (and their post codes) in the area so you’ll never be stuck wondering where the nearest petrol station is.



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